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boxing training

Boxing training

In Boxing Personal Training classes, you can expect to learn a variety of skills and techniques that will help you improve your boxing abilities and overall fitness. Here are some of the things you can expect to learn:

  1. Boxing fundamentals: You will learn the basic principles of boxing, including proper stance, footwork, punches, and defensive techniques.
  2. Boxing combinations: You will learn how to put together different combinations of punches and how to execute them effectively.
  3. Shadowboxing: You will practice boxing techniques without a partner or equipment, using only your body and shadowboxing movements.
  4. Heavy bag work: You will learn how to use a heavy bag to practice different combinations and improve your punching power.
  5. Speed bag work: You will learn how to use a speed bag to improve your hand-eye coordination and timing.
  6. Mitt work: You will work with a trainer or partner who will hold focus mitts, allowing you to practice your combinations and accuracy.
  7. Plyometrics: You may incorporate plyometric exercises, such as jumping rope, burpees, or box jumps, to improve your speed and explosive power.

Overall, taking Boxing Personal Training classes can provide you with a challenging and effective workout that can improve your cardiovascular endurance, agility, strength, and coordination, while also teaching you valuable self-defense skills.