Private Lessons

Private lessons offer a unique one-on-one experience that allows you to master your skills at a faster pace. If you are hesitant about joining classes or if you would like to improve at a faster pace, then private lessons are for you! ALL CLASSES ARE INCLUDED IN THE MONTHLY PACKAGE!!!


Hourly– $50   No commitments!

1 Month–$500

-12 sessions, ALL sessions must be completed within the month

3 Months–$1250

-3 months, 36 sessions, all sessions must be completed within       the 3 months

  • Cash payments accepted
  • 1-hour private training on your time


Ben Flores – Head Coach (Level 2 Certified Boxing Coach)/Owner
TEXT 361-779-2306

Amanda Perez – Kids Coach

Justin “Jawbreaker” Jones – Train with the Pro!!!